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Covid-19: Information, guidance and resources to support you through the pandemic

Covid-19 homepage
Coronavirus and our work

Answers to questions you may have about how we are working during the coronavirus outbreak and how this might affect you.

Our working arrangements

Is your office open?

Our offices in Cardiff and St Asaph remain closed to visitors. But our staff are working as normally as possible from home. If you know the officer you wish to contact, you should communicate with them in the usual way by e-mail or phone.

For general enquiries, or if you don’t know the individual you should speak to, please contact us through until further notice. We will aim to get back to you as soon as possible. Generally, please send us any information electronically.

General advice

Do you have any general advice on how we should work at this time?

The best place to go for up-to-date information on coronavirus, including the latest on the vaccination programme, is the Public Health Wales and Welsh Government websites, where you can also find more specific information for certain providers of care and support.

Is there any specific information about vaccination for health and social care workers?

Resources for health and social care professionals are available on the Public Health Wales website.

What about more localised advice?

For more localised advice, you should first and foremost speak to your line-manager or employer who may have more specific guidelines about how you go about your work in a safe and professional way.

Is there any specific advice for social workers?

For specific social worker advice visit coronavirus (COVID-19) BASW updates.

Advice for social work students

What about social work students who are trying to qualify?

Currently, we are not looking to fast-track student social workers into practice. We’re working with universities and partners to support students to qualify despite disruptions to placements caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

Guidance for childcare providers

What is the guidance for childcare providers during this time?

The Welsh Government is continuing to update its guidance on childcare for parents and childcare providers during the coronavirus pandemic.

More information on coronavirus and childcare provision.

What financial support is available for childcare providers during the coronavirus pandemic?

The Welsh Government is providing more information to childcare providers on what financial support is available.

More information on financial support for childcare providers.

How we'll deal with concerns and hearings

What’s happening with fitness to practise final hearings?

We are holding fitness to practise hearings via Zoom, including those hearings that were postponed in 2020 and new cases. We continue to take forward cases where we believe people pose a risk to individuals who use care and support and, if necessary, seek restrictions on their practice. This is being done remotely rather than face-to-face.

What about removing people from the Register?

We are not going to remove anyone from the Register during the current emergency except where we believe they are a risk to the public, or if the registered person asks to be removed.

What about investigations into workers’ practice?

We will continue to carry out investigations as best we can, but we’ll maintain contact with employers to manage any risks appropriately.

Will you be making any allowances when considering practitioners’ fitness to practise at this time?

We recognise that staff must find the best ways of providing care and support at this unprecedented time which may not fit with normal expectations. We will always recognise outcomes-focused, person-centred care and consider the context practitioners are working in to help people live the lives that matter to them. We will take this into account with any fitness to practise concerns we receive and refer to the high-level principles set out in our Code of Professional Practice.

How do we contact you with any fitness to practise concerns?

The best way to do this is to send an e-mail to

Action to increase workforce capacity

Social workers

A temporary register to bring back former social workers into practice is now open.

We have contacted almost 1,000 former social workers who have been registered with us during the past three years, inviting them to re-register and return to practise.

The process of re-registering is simple and quick. Those wanting to re-register will only need to provide an e-mail and some details.

Find out more about the temporary registration of social workers.

Currently, we are not looking to fast-track student social workers into practice. We’re working with universities and partners to support students to qualify despite disruptions to placements caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

We’re aware that many social work students are being brought into service by local authorities to operate as social work assistants or social care workers.

Social care managers

We have made changes for manager registration, so that it is possible to register individuals working towards their management qualification.

Helping address staff shortages – WeCare Wales jobs portal

To help care providers address the staff shortages they might be facing right now and find the right people to fill their vacancies, we’ve created a jobs portal that lists current social care jobs in Wales:

Find out more about the WeCare Wales jobs portal.

To share vacancies on the website, care employers should post their jobs on Twitter from their own channels, including:

  • job title
  • local authority (if the role covers more than one authority, include each)
  • brief description of the role
  • the hashtag: #WeCareWalesJobs.

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