The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) allows you to get information held by us. This page explains what information is available and how to make a freedom of information (FoI) request.

Freedom of information (FoI)

The Freedom of Information Act (FoIA):

  • allows you to see information held by us
  • requires us to have a publication scheme.

The publication scheme means we have to make certain information available. It tells you what information is available, what format it comes in and if you have to pay a fee to get it.

How to make an FoI request

If you want information that isn’t on the publication scheme, you need to make the request in writing to the FoI coordinator to the address below or at Please state clearly what information you need.

If you need extra help please contact FoI coordinator on 029 2078 0672.

FoI Coordinator
Social Care Wales
South Gate House
Wood Street
CF10 1EW

Data protection

Under the Data Protection Act 2018 you have a general right to see personal data held about you. These rights are known as ‘subject access rights’. In most situations you also have the right to be told if any information is held about you and to have a copy of that information.

If you would like to make a subject access request for your personal data, please write to us at and include the term ‘subject access’ to help us direct your request quickly. We will need to check your identity and contact information before we consider your request and release any personal information we may hold. 

For advice on making a subject access request, contact our FoI Coordinator on 02920 780672 or see the Information Commissioner’s guidance.

The information commissioner

There’s an information commissioner who makes sure all the laws about FoI and Data Protection are followed. We are registered with the commissioner so our work can be checked.