We buy a wide range of goods, services and works. Spending ranges from large to very small projects. This page explains how we spend our money. It can help potential suppliers find out about opportunities and bid for work.

How we work

We aim to secure value for money. This means balancing quality and costs over the lifetime of a purchase.

We like to work with our suppliers:

  • in an open and honest environment
  • with clear expectations and goals
  • with clear standards for everyone involved.


The type, value and complexity of a contract helps us to decide what the tender process should be. We provide all the necessary information for the procurement process. Then we give suppliers enough time to prepare their bid.

For large value or complicated contracts we encourage suppliers to work in partnership. Collaborative bids help suppliers increase the chance of winning work.

When possible, we want to work with local and Welsh suppliers. We hope this will increase local business, develop skills and bring other community benefits.

How we buy

Deciding contracts normally follow these competition rules:

  • Quotations (under £5k) – we request at least 2 written quotations.
  • Quotations (£5k to £10k) – we request at least 3 written quotations.
  • Tenders (over £10k) – we use a more formal tendering process.
  • EU contracts (generally above £112k) – we place adverts in the Official Journal of the European Union via Sell2Wales.

We advertise most of our contract opportunities on Sell2Wales.

  • Registering with the site is free and easy.
  • Sell2Wales email you details of opportunities as they come up.
National Procurement Service

We are also signed up to the National Procurement Service.

This helps us access a number of frameworks to find the best available deals.

Get in touch

If you would like more information or help to bid please contact our Procurement Officer bethan.roberts@socialcare.wales 029 2078 0609.