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Here are links to information about the standard of care you should expect, careers in care and support, and how to raise concerns about a care worker.

Our Code is not a secret

Do you know about the Code of Professional Practice for Social Care in Wales?

It’s the code that sets the standards that all social care workers have to work to, so that you can get the best care services.

Find out what the Code says, what you and your family should expect from social care workers.

Find out more at Code of Professional Practice and guidance

Interested in a career in care?

You might be interested in exploring careers in social work, social care or childcare.

You can find out what employers are looking for and the ways in which you can train and qualify for different jobs. There is also information on the kinds of financial assistance that might be available to train for the role you’re interested in.

Find out more about careers

Unhappy with the care you’ve had

It is vital that social care workers who are registered with us have the skills, knowledge and character to practise safely and effectively. If you feel a registered worker providing care to you or a member of your family is not meeting the required standard, please let us know.

Find out more at making a complaint