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The strategic plan sets our vision, purpose, aims and outcomes for the next five years. It explains what will be different, what we will do and how we will work.

Our three strategic aims define what we do. These aims will result in:

  • improved outcomes for children and adults who rely on care and support, their families and carers
  • a high quality, sufficient and skilled workforce
  • people having confidence in the social care workforce, including the early years workforce, and the effectiveness of Social Care Wales.

The strategic plan is supported by annual business plans that set out our priorities, resources and responsibilities, as well as the means to measure our progress.


We are listed under The Prescribed Persons Order 2014 as a designated organisation that any worker in the social care sector can approach to report suspected or known wrongdoing. This is also known as ‘whistleblowing’ or making a disclosure.

As a prescribed person, we have several duties, which are set out in guidance from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), one of which is to annually report on the number of whistleblowing disclosures we receive.

We reported no whistleblowing disclosures to BEIS and between 1 April 2018 and 31 March 2019. 

The strategic plan is underpinned by annual business plans that identify priorities, resources and responsibilities as well as the means by which we measure our progress.

The business plan sets out:

  • our programmes of work
  • objectives
  • performance measures
  • budget for the year.

Our Board and the Welsh Government use this plan to monitor our performance in delivering the targets set.