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As a social care employer, you have an important role to play in the career of someone working in social care. Here, you will find information on how to recruit care workers and how to help them develop.

Recruiting the right people

Four helpful hints and tips on how to find the right workers for your organisation.

Care Ambassador Wales programme

Have you thought about giving your existing staff opportunities to become care ambassadors? 

This is a programme which aims to raise the profile of social care and early years and childcare as well as promoting them as enjoyable, rewarding and successful career choices. Hearing workers who already work in the sector talk about their experiences can help give potential candidates an insight into it's really like. It's also an opportunity to positively promote your business and demonstrates that you are prepared to invest in your employee.

Further information can be found on the care ambassador page .


Have you considered employing an apprentice in early years and childcare or in health and social care? 

An apprenticeship is a combination of on and off-the-job education and training, and is a practical and cost-effective way to recruit and train new staff.

For further information, have a look at the apprenticeship page.

Also, we have an apprenticeship champions initiative which aims to encourage and increase participation and share good practice. If you would like to speak to a champion about their experience or become a champion, have a look at our leaflet.

Work experience

Work experience is a good opportunity for workers to discover more about what working in care or early years is really like. We have developed a work experience resource that provides information on suitable workplaces and tasks.

A Question of Care: A Career for You?

This interactive video challenge can be used as part of your recruitment processes. At the end of the challenge, prospective candidates will be issued with a detailed personal profile that will tell them and you if they've got what it takes to work in care.

Keeping and developing staff

Here are some suggestions on how to keep members of staff and develop their training needs.


A good induction will ensure new workers understand the importance of person-centred practice and the values which underpin work in health and social care, right from the start. It has also been found that a well-structured induction will help workers settle well and become more effective in their jobs sooner. 

For further information and a range of resources visit our induction pages.

Supervision and appraisal

The quality of service-provision is enhanced when workers are given access comprehensive, structured professional support and performance management. 

See our supervising well resource.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Learning and development is a continuous process and makes sure everyone employed in social care or early years and childcare is working safely.

Investment in on-going learning and development helps motivate workers to take responsibility for their professional development from the very beginning of their career. CPD leads to competent, confident and skilled workers, providing values-based care and support.

Find out more on our CPD page.

First Steps in Management

First Steps in Management is aimed at supporting social care managers new in post. For more information go to the First Steps in Management page.

Information for schools and colleges

As careers advisors and teachers, you have an important role to play in providing students with accurate and up-to- date information about the career choices available in social care.

To highlight the range of jobs available, we visited a number of young care workers from across Wales and asked them to tell us about their roles in care and what parts of their work they enjoy the most.

More videos are available on our YouTube channel.

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Last updated: 05 April 2019