The PLOA helps towards placement costs. All social work students who get the bursary can have this allowance for placements. Part-time students receive the PLOA for any year they have a placement. The initial PLOA allowance will depend on the length and level of your placement.

Reimbursement of costs above the PLOA

If you find the travel costs for your placement are higher than the PLOA, you can get reimbursed.

To claim reimbursement, you have to show how your PLOA was spent on the placement. To claim extra costs, you have to submit evidence and show how they relate to the placement.

You can claim for public or private travel costs and parking costs or accommodation expenses.

To find out more about the travel scheme plan:

How to complete a travel claim form

To claim travel expenses that are over the PLOA, complete and submit the travel claim form.

On the daily expenses sheet, you must complete one row for each day of your placement. Start with the first day. This will help show how you spent the PLOA, as well as proving additional costs.

We assess your claim within 20 working days. We’ll send an email to tell you if it’s been successful and when payment will be made.

How to complete an accommodation claim form

If a placement is so far away from your home that it isn’t affordable or sensible to travel every day, you may be able to claim accommodation costs.

You must be able to show you need these costs to do your placement.

Students must get our agreement before signing any rental agreements or staying at a B&B. To do this, log on to your SCWonline account and complete and submit the accommodation request form.

We pay the first PLOA with your bursary instalment. You’ll get this in the term the placement starts.

Our student funding and grants team assesses any completed travel claim forms. We will pay any reimbursement into your bank account within 20 working days.