The care ambassador programme
The role of a care ambassador is to raise the profile of social care and early years and childcare and promote them as enjoyable, rewarding and successful career choices for everyone. Ambassadors help educate people about the different career options and progression opportunities available to them.

What is a care ambassador?

Care ambassadors are people working in social care and early years and childcare. They share their passion and enthusiasm for their work with others and bring their careers to life to different groups of people.

Care ambassadors work with a broad range of people such as those who may not have considered working in social care or early years and childcare; those who may be looking for a career change, as well as students in schools and colleges.

This can involve:

  • Presentations to school or college students
  • Informal talks or discussions
  • Attending career or job fairs, events or conferences.

To date, over 100 care ambassadors in Wales have visited schools and colleges, attended recruitment fairs and conferences. They have also conducted mock interviews with young people, and recorded podcasts for organisations like Jobcentre Plus and Careers Wales.

Our ambassadors are committed and confident, they communicate well with a wide audience about what careers the care sector has to offer.

How to become a care ambassador

We are looking for people who can motivate and inspire people to consider social care or early years and childcare as an enjoyable and rewarding career.

Care ambassadors can be at any career level but must be committed, confident and good communicators to a variety of people.  The role is voluntary, so you will need your employer’s support.

If you’re interested in becoming a care ambassador or would like more information about the role, please contact

Why become a care ambassador?

  • You’ll develop confidence and skills for your continuing professional development
  • It will be a positive addition to your CV
  • You will promote social care and early years and childcare and help shape the workers of the future

Benefits for employers

  • developing and motivating your staff
  • raising the profile of the organisation as a quality employer
  • making a positive contribution to the development of the future workforce

Care ambassadors are an effective and powerful recruitment tool and seek to make sure the sector continues to attract the right people with the right values.

Book a care ambassador

If you'd like the expertise of a care ambassador at your event or session, please complete the attached booking form giving as much detail as possible about what you need. This helps us match the most appropriately experienced ambassador to your session.

Once an ambassador has attended your session, a feedback form is needed.

Contact us

If you have a question you can Contact us.

Last updated: 28 May 2019