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Emma Ruth Hughes
Registered role
Domiciliary care worker
Conditional Registration Order for 21 months 29/7/2021-28/4/2023
This is a joint remote hearing by Zoom - please contact hearings@socialcare.wales if you would like to observe
Previously Cartrefi Cymru
Type of hearing
Fitness to Practise Panel

Decision summary

A Fitness to Practise Panel that sat remotely on 22 – 29 July 2021 has found allegations of a failure to follow financial procedures and ensure adequate management of domiciliary care services proved against Emma Ruth Hughes, a registered domiciliary care worker.

The Panel found Emma Ruth Hughes’ current fitness to practise was impaired and imposed a 21 month Conditional Registration Order. This means that Emma Ruth Hughes can continue in her registered role but must meet specific conditions set out by the panel.

The conditions imposed are as follows:

1. You MUST inform the following individuals/organisations in writing that you have conditions imposed on your registration under the Social Care Wales Fitness to Practise procedures disclosing a written copy of those conditions to:

a. any organisation or person employing, contracting with, or using you to undertake social work or social care work (on a paid or unpaid basis);

b. any social care agency you are registered with or apply to be registered with (at the time of application);

c. any prospective social care employer (at the time of application).

2. You must inform Social Care Wales within 14 days of your acceptance of any social care appointment (whether paid or unpaid) which requires registration with Social Care Wales and provide Social Care Wales with the contact details of the new employer, the job title of the role you have accepted, and the address of your new place of work.

3. You must within 14 days provide written confirmation from your ‘new’ employer that they are aware of the conditions imposed and that they are willing to support you to comply with the conditions.

4. You must inform Social Care Wales of any professional investigation started against you and / or any professional disciplinary proceedings taken against you within 14 days of you receiving notice of the investigation or proceedings.


5. When employed and working as a domiciliary care worker, you must remain under the close supervision of a workplace line manager, mentor or supervisor nominated by your employer for the first 12 weeks. Supervision meetings should be held at least every two weeks for the first month and at least every three weeks for the remainder of the 12-week period. The meetings must include a review of your engagement with persons using care and support, and of your completion of the training required under condition 8 below.

6. You must ask your line manager, mentor or supervisor to provide to Social Care Wales, within 28 days of the end of the 12-week period,

a. confirmation that the supervision meetings referred to in condition 5 have been completed, and;

b. copies of the records of those meetings.

Practice restriction

7. You must NOT undertake domiciliary care management. This means that you must not undertake any work which requires you to be responsible for the management of other domiciliary care workers.


8. Either before your return to practise as a Domiciliary Care Worker or within the first 12 weeks of your return, you must successfully undertake (at your cost or the cost of your employer):

a. Level 2 Adults Safeguarding training of at least three hours duration and provided on a face-to-face basis (either in person or via video conference);

b. Training in relation to the responsibility to report concerns about poor, exploitative or abusive practice (“Whistleblowing Training”);

c. Training in the fundamental principles of social care such as Person-Centred Care Training

and provide written evidence, such as certificates of attendance, of attending and passing the required training to Social Care Wales within 14 days of completion of the last course.

9. You must obtain the written approval of Social Care Wales for any training or learning specified in paragraph 8 before you begin any course or learning.

The Order will be reviewed 3 months before its conclusion.

Emma Ruth Hughes has the right of appeal to the Care Standards Tribunal within 28 days.

A copy of the panel’s full reasons are available on request.

Media- please contact: communications@socialcare.wales

Public- please contact: hearings@socialcare.wales

Summary of allegations

Ms Hughes and Ms Cotos whilst working for Cartrefi Cymru as a Domiciliary Care Worker and Manager respectively, are alleged to have:

• Failed to follow financial procedures and protocols in place relation to safeguarding service users from financial abuse.

Ms Cotos is also alleged to have failed to manage the Domiciliary Care Services in an appropriate way.