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Jayne Brookes
Registered role
Domiciliary Care Worker
Removal by Agreement
Formerly Gywnedd Council
Type of hearing
No Panel held - Removal by Agreement process

Decision summary

Removal by Agreement means that through this process, a registered person can apply to be removed from the Register without being referred to a Panel.

The decision to agree to the application is made at a Case Conference. A registered person can apply for this at any stage in the fitness to practise process.

Applying for removal by agreement does not mean that a registered person has the right to be removed, but it enables Social Care Wales to agree to removal in an appropriate case.

The decision whether to agree the application is made taking into account whether the allegation involves exceptional public interest issues.

Social Care Wales has determined that Jayne Brookes does not meet the standards required of a registered social care worker because she took something for her personal use from the home of a vulnerable individual using services. This amounted to an act of dishonesty in breach of trust and may have put users of care and support at risk of harm. Ms Brookes has also accepted a lack of integrity relating to her communication with her employer.

Ms Brookes confirms that it is not her intention to work in the future in any capacity which would require her to be registered by SCW and that she wishes her name to be removed from Social Care Wales's register by agreement under Rule 9 of the Social Care Wales (Investigation) Rules 2020.