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Lee Griffiths
Registered role
Residential child care manager
Conditional Registration Order for 3 years
Social Care Wales Southgate House Wood Street Cardiff CF10 1EW
Previously Keys Group
Type of hearing
Fitness to practise

Decision summary

A Fitness to Practise Panel that sat on 5-13 February 2020 has found allegations of bullying, inappropriate behaviour and spending discrepancies with petty cash proved against Lee John Griffiths, a registered residential child care manager.

The Panel found Mr Griffiths' current fitness to practise was impaired and imposed a 3 year Conditional Registration Order. This means that Mr Griffiths can continue in his registered role but must meet specific conditions set out by the panel.


1. You must inform Social Care Wales in writing of any change in your employment for which registration with Social care Wales is required during the period of this Order and as soon as a change occurs;

2 In the event that you obtain new employment, you are required to undertake a comprehensive induction process within the first month of your employment in relation to your new employer’s policies and procedures to include financial management, safeguarding and management of staff. Details of the fact your induction has been completed and what this covered is to be provided to Social Care Wales as soon as it has been completed;

3. You shall provide any new employer with a copy of the panel's full decision and reasons together with a copy of these conditions.

4. You must ensure that all financial transactions and expenditure that you are involved with during your employment are supported by proof of purchase receipts and reviewed on a regular basis by your employer. Your employer is to determine the regularity of these reviews which shall not be less than quarterly for the first 12 months of this order.

5. You must ensure that any overtime claimed is authorised by a senior manager in writing;

6. In respect of the service you manage, you shall, on a quarterly basis, provide Social Care Wales with copies of reports written by the Responsible Individual under

Regulation 73 of the Regulated Services (Service Providers and Responsible Individuals) (Wales) Regulations 2017.

7. You shall provide to Social Care Wales a copy of your annual appraisal. Such an appraisal must:

i) confirm your adherence to the Code of Professional Practice for Social Care and The Social Care Manager Practice Guidance;

ii) confirm your compliance with the conditions of this Order;

iii) record any concerns about your behaviour raised by staff, young people or management.

Summary of allegations

It is alleged that whilst Mr Griffiths was employed by Keys Group as the manager of a home;

  • His behaviour towards colleagues and a Young Person A was inappropriate, and
  • He was responsible for numerous spending discrepancies with petty cash, resident’s money, and he submitted a claim for overtime that was false.