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Sean Wharton
Registered role
Social worker
Conditional Registration Order until 09/04/2022
This is a remote hearing by Zoom - please contact hearings@socialcare.wales if you would like to observe
Previously National Fostering Group
Type of hearing
Fitness to Practise panel

Decision summary

A Fitness to Practise Review Panel (the panel) sat remotely on 5 March 2021, to review the conditions set at the Fitness to Practise hearing held 10 March 2020.

The panel found Sean Wharton’s current fitness to practise was still impaired and varied the current conditions and extended the order for a further 12 months.

The conditions (summarised) require Mr Wharton to:

* inform prospective employers of his conditional registration order.

* keep Social Care Wales informed of any future employment within social work.

* keep Social Care Wales informed of any disciplinary proceedings.

* when employed, remain under supervision of a team manager, have supervision meetings at specified intervals with specified content.

* send copied of supervision records to Social Care Wales.

Mr Wharton has the right of appeal to the Care Standards Tribunal within 28 days.

A copy of the panel’s reasons are available upon written request.

Summary of allegations

This hearing is to review a Conditional Registration placed on Mr Wharton's registration in March 2020