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A registered person can have temporary conditions put on their registration if necessary for the protection of the public, is in the interest of the public or is in the interest of the registered person.

These temporary conditions are called interim conditional registration orders.

A registered person can carry on working in their registered role while a condition is in place. Interim conditional registration orders cannot be for more than 18 months, they will be reviewed on a regular basis while the investigation is carried out.

List appears in alphabetical order.

Melanie Swindley
Registration number:
Adult care home in Neath
Part of the Register:
Part 2
Conditions in place from:
Conditions in place until:

Conditions in place

1. Ms Swindley must attend monthly sessions specified by the panel (at her and/or the care home’s expense) with the need for this condition to be reviewed 6 months from today’s date.

2. In the event that Ms Swindley attends sessions with an individual other than previously identified to Social Care Wales, Ms Swindley must provide the name and accreditation of that replacement individual to Social Care Wales within 5 working days of that change being notified to her

3. Ms Swindley must inform the following individuals/organisations that she has conditions imposed on her registration and disclose the conditions to them;

(a) Any organisation or person employing, contracting with, or using her to undertake care work;

(b) Any care agency she is registered with or may apply to be registered with (at the time of application)

(c) Any prospective care employer (at the time of application).

4. Ms Swindley must inform Social Care Wales within 5 working days of accepting any care appointment (whether paid or unpaid) which requires registration with Social Care Wales and provide Social Care Wales with contact details of the new employer, the job title of the role she has accepted, and the address of her new place of work.

5. Ms Swindley must provide to Social Care Wales on a monthly basis written confirmation that she attended her last session and the date on which this took place.

6. In the event that Ms Swindley is unable to attend any meeting specified in condition (1) above, she must provide an explanation for her absence to Social Care Wales as soon as practicable.

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