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Autumn workshop: Registration is changing, qualifications have changed

Autumn workshop: Registration is changing, qualifications have changed

11 December 2019, 10am to 4pm
Aberavon Beach Hotel, Port Talbot
Social Care Wales

Join us to discuss new arrangements or changes that cover:

  • ways to register for adult care home workers and residential family centre support workers
  • practice guidance for adult care home workers
  • a new way for residential childcare workers to qualify for registration
  • a more flexible way of recognising a social care worker as a manager for the purposes of registration
  • the payment of fees in years two and three of registration
  • the streamlining of categories of worker on the Register.

The afternoon sessions will build on discussions from the morning by developing an understanding of how the 'All Wales Induction Framework for Health and Social Care' and the new health and social care qualifications feed into, and support, any potential changes to requirements for registration.

They will also help participants understand what is expected of managers and employers, exploring solutions to any identified challenges related to induction and qualifications.

These workshops are not targeted towards learning providers, assessors or verifiers. The consortium is running events for those specific groups.

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