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Social care employers workshop

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Social care employers workshop

1 December 2022, 10am - 12:30pm
Social Care Wales

This workshop is for managers and employers of social care settings who support workers to achieve their qualifications.

During the workshop we'll:

  • look at the journey of workers from the start of their employment, completing their induction and going on the complete the core and practice qualifications
  • explore what the new qualifications at levels 2 to 5 are, in health and social care, their content, structure and how they are assessed
  • explain what managers and employers need to do to support workers to achieve their qualifications
  • breakout into smaller groups to explore and discuss the qualifications further with other managers and employers
  • ask for some good practice examples of how you're supporting workers to achieve their qualifications
  • introduce the Best practice guide for learners, employers and managers.

You'll also hear from our registration team about:

  • registering adult care home workers
  • how to support domiciliary care workers and residential child care workers to maintain their registration.