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WeCare Wales values-based recruitment sessions

Date: 30 March 2022 - 25 May 2022
Location: Online
Organisation: WeCare Wales

WeCare Wales is hosting a free recruitment programme that provides employers with a practical step-by-step process to recruit people with the right values.

The course will provide ongoing support and resources to employers in social care and early years and childcare.

There are five workshops:

  • Session 1: Introduction to Values-Based Recruitment, 30 March 1-3pm
  • Session 2: Recruitment Strategy, 13 April 1-3pm
  • Session 3: Advertising Strategy, 3 May 1-3pm
  • Session 4: Recruitment Process, 17 May 1-3pm
  • Session 5: Action Plan, 25 May 1-3pm

Please sign-up for all five sessions.

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