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Codes of Practice and guidance

Social care workers and employers must work to the standards set out in the Codes of Practice. Practice guidance provides a more detailed description of what’s expected of workers in their everyday practice.

What is the Code of Practice?

The Code sets standards, or rules, for all care professionals who work in Wales. The Code sets out what you must do and how you must behave to provide the best care.

The Code says social care workers must:

  • Respect your views and put your needs first
  • Gain your trust and confidence
  • Help you be safe and healthy
  • Respect your rights while keeping you and other people safe
  • Be honest with you
  • Make sure they have the knowledge and skills to do their job well.

There is also practice guidance available to support registered workers in their role. Practice guidance are practical tools for specific groups of registered social care workers. 

The Code for employers

The Code of Practice for Social Care Employers describes the standards expected of employers to ensure a safe, skilled and appropriately supported workforce.

Care and Inspectorate Wales (CIW) can take action if employers fail to comply with the Code. 

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Code of practice for employers in social care app

What to do if you have a concern

We want to make sure that everyone knows about the Code. The standards are there to help people using support live their lives in the way they want.

If you have a concern about the standard of care being delivered you can:

  • Read the Code to check all the standards
  • Share your concerns with your care worker’s employer and ask what they will do
  • If the employer doesn’t deal with your concerns, you can ask for a copy of their complaints procedure to help you know what to do next
  • If the worker is registered with us and talking to the employer hasn’t helped you can 
  • contact us
  • If you’re concerned about the standard of care provided by a company or organisation you can contact Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW).

The Code is available in BSL format. The video will help you get an understanding of what you can expect from your care worker.

Practice guidance for registered workers

We have practice guidance for registered workers to describe what is expected in their role. They are a practical tool, helping practice and contributing to good outcomes for people using services.

The Code remains the primary document. Practice guidance is used to expand on how to meet the standards in the Code.

Registered workers and their employers should make sure they’re familiar with the guidance relevant to their area of work. Serious or persistent failure to follow practice guidance can put a worker's registration at risk. 

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Last updated: 08 November 2019