The fitness to practice team’s work involves looking at whether a Registered Person is fit to practise. We regulate the people on our register and make sure they have the skills, knowledge and character to practise safely and effectively.

Examples of concerns we could look at are:

  • Professional performance - Dishonesty or abuse of someone’s trust. Continuing failure to meet standards. Committing fraud, trying to cover up mistakes or block an investigation. Not following policy and procedures.
  • Actions which may impact on public protection – An inappropriate relationship with an individual who uses services. Exploiting a vulnerable person. Substance abuse or violent and threatening behaviour. The Registered Person has a health problem they haven’t told us about which could impact on the safety of the people they are caring for.
  • Actions which may impact public confidence in social care - Not respecting the rights of individuals who use services. Any other equally serious activities which may affect others or public confidence in social care.

Concerns we can’t look at

  • a concern about an organisation (you should contact Care Inspectorate Wales) CIW website
  • a concern that happened more than five years ago, unless there are public interest concerns
  • we cannot discipline someone, get them dismissed or change the outcome of a disciplinary investigation
  • disagreement with anything raised in court, court decision or strategy meeting 
  • a social care worker who isn’t registered with us*

If you think a person is working or calling themselves a social worker, and they don’t have the qualifications needed or are not registered with us you should contact us immediately on 02920 780545.

*Referring a worker who isn’t registered with us

You may want to raise a concern about a worker who isn’t registered with us yet.

If these workers are

  • Domiciliary care workers
  • Adult care home workers
  • Workers who should be registered with us but aren’t

We are able to hold information on them which we will take into account when they do apply to become registered.

Mandatory registration is required for domiciliary care workers by 2020, and for adult care home workers by 2022.

Details of the registered person about whom you are raising a concern

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We advise that you raise your concern with the registered person’s employer. If you’re not happy with their response send your concern to us.

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Thank you for your email. A member of the Fitness to Practise team will respond within five working days.

Information sharing

The information provided by you will be processed in accordance with GDPR by us as part of our regulatory duties to assess whether information amounts to an allegation that a Registered Person's fitness to practise is impaired.

The information provided will be shared with other agencies as necessary, including:

  • the employers of named registered individuals,
  • the Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW),
  • the Disclosure and Barring Service,
  • other regulatory bodies, (within or outside the UK)
  • the police, 
  • the courts government departments or agencies action on their behalf

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