Interim conditions orders

This order temporarily places conditions on a registered person's registration. The conditions of practice order cannot be for more than two years, with set reviews while the investigation is underway.  

The registered person can continue to work while the condition is in place. It is only imposed when a committee considers it necessary for the protection of the public, is in the interests of the public or the registered person's interests.

Rebecca Mary Roberts
Registration number:
Formerly The Forge Care Centre
Part of the Register:
Part 2
Conditions in place from:
Conditions in place until:

Conditions in place

1)Mrs Roberts is to provide the Responsible Individual of the setting within which she is working (“the RI”) with a weekly report setting out any safeguarding activity (including VA(1) or Regulation 38(6) reports) and any staffing or training issues arising out of such incidents.

2)Mrs Roberts is to meet face-to-face with the RI (or in the event of the RI’s unavoidable absence another senior person within the organisation) to ensure that:

  1. any falls, accidents or reportable incidents are handled in accordance with the guidelines set out by Cardiff and Vale University Health Board within its email dated 1 December 2017; and
  2. the appropriate family members of the residents affected have been informed.

3)Mrs Roberts is to provide, on or before the 5th day of each month, a report to the Social Care Wales Fitness to Practise Officer summarising the outcome of the oversight of her practice, countersigned by the RI.

These meetings are to be recorded in writing.

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