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Induction for health and social care

The All Wales Induction Framework for Health and Social Care (AWIF) supports new workers during the induction stage of their employment. It covers the principles and values, knowledge and skills workers need to carry out their role competently at this stage of their development.

How the AWIF will help workers

The AWIF will help workers to:

  • understand their role – what is required of them and what support can be expect
  • get to know their working environment and the important information they need to do their job well
  • get to know their colleagues and develop good working relationships
  • understand how they can best support those they will be working with.

Watch this short video where social care workers, those responsible for delivering induction, managers, carers and people who use services explain the importance of a good, robust induction.

What is included in the AWIF

There are seven sections to the AWIF, each section contains progress logs and workbooks.

The progress logs should be used to record the achievement of learning outcomes for each section.

The workbooks can be used to support the learner to gather the evidence needed to complete the progress logs. The workbooks include case studies, films and written questions to support learning.

Progress logs


Supporting resources and guidance

There are resources and guidance available to support managers and workers to complete the AWIF.

Supporting you to implement the AWIF

Two briefing packs have been developed to support you to implement the AWIF.

A briefing pack has been developed to support facilitators to deliver a learning and information session to those responsible for the delivery of induction.

This pack should be used by those responsible for supporting employers, managers and others who have a role in providing and supporting induction for new workers.

There is a presentation to support the delivery of the AWIF briefing pack.

A further briefing pack has been developed to support the implementation of the AWIF, the development of the new health and social care qualifications and the routes to registration.

How to complete the Principles and Values Award online​

Workers can now complete The Principles and Values Award online.

The award is based on the first two sections of the AWIF and includes a workbook and an online multi choice question test. The online version can be completed by workers who work with adults or with children and young people.

Access the online version of the Principles and Values Award (Adults or Children and Young People)

Workers who have completed the L2 Award in Social Care Induction

We have identified which areas of learning are included in the AWIF if employees have already completed the L2 Award in Social Care Induction.

This ensures that prior learning is recognised and to avoid duplication of learning.

More information on the AWIF

Here are some frequently asked questions to support the implementation of the AWIF. This document is reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

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