More than Just Words and the Active Offer

Care providers must actively offer and deliver Welsh language care services to the same standard as English language care services this is known as providing the 'Active Offer'. Here are resources to help you improve your use of the Welsh language and provide this offer.

More than Just Words and the 'Active Offer'

More than Just Words is a Welsh Government Framework. It says that all care providers must be able to offer Welsh language care services to the same standard as English ones. We need a social care workforce that can deliver this.

The Welsh Government has developed information packs, films, and posters about the ‘Active Offer’:

Welsh language skills in the workplace

We’ve developed a resource called 'Welsh Language Skills in your Workforce – using them effectively'.

This resource can help you:

  • assess and make use of existing Welsh language skills in your workforce
  • help you plan your future workforce
  • see the ability to speak Welsh as a professional skill
  • meet the requirements of ‘More than Just Words’.

What next?

Once you’ve assessed your workforce’s skills you may decide they need Welsh language training to:

  • introduce basic standards
  • develop existing skills.

Browse our range of Welsh Language training resources collection

Last updated: 15 June 2017