We set the standards for social work education and training in Wales. This page is about how we regulate social work education and training.

Information about the standards for the regulation of social work education and training are:

For qualifying social work programmes

For post qualifying social work programmes

There are also specific sets of requirements for some post qualifying programmes. Programmes that have specific requirements must also meet the overarching post qualifying requirements:

The Consolidation Programme – part of the Continuing Professional Education and Learning framework (CPEL)

The Experienced Practice, Senior Practice and Consultant Social Work programmes within the CPEL framework

The Approved Mental Health Professionals' Programme

Other standards and guidance to promote high standards include:

Guidance to social work degree providers on assessing students

Questions about the Assessment Framework for the social work degree

Standards for practice learning in the social work degree for programme providers, local authorities and students.

Social work programmes must involve people who use services in the management and delivery of approved programmes

As the regulator of professional social work education, we quality assure all approved social work programmes on an annual basis. We report on this activity and the most recent report can be found below. The fact sheet gives a summary of the information in the report.

To apply for a programme to become approved please contact us