Social Care Induction Framework

The induction framework sets out what new workers need to know in their first six months of employment. Here you will find information and resources to support induction. Find out about the important changes to the framework due in 2018 and how this may affect you.

What is the Social Care Induction Framework?

The induction framework sets out what new workers need to know in their first six months of employment. 

The framework will help workers and managers structure learning.

An induction will help workers:

  • understand their job and what’s expected of them 
  • understand the support they can expect
  • learn the information they need to do their job well
  • get to know their colleagues and develop good working relationships
  • understand how they can support the people they’ll be working with
  • be confident and equipped to provide effective care and support
  • become familiar with their new working environment.

Changes to the framework from 2018

We have been working in partnership with NHS Wales Workforce Education Service (WEDS) and a wide range of employers, managers and learning providers in Wales to develop a new induction framework for health and social care workers.

The newly renamed All Wales Induction Framework for Health and Social Care must be implemented by employers from April 2018.

The current Social Care Induction Framework will be available for use until April 2018 and any workers who have started on this prior to this date will have the normal amount of time to complete it, they will not be expected to switch to the new induction framework.

We hope to have the new framework and all related resources available by the following dates:

  • Mid-January 2018 - a briefing pack to help managers understand the changes to the framework and how it should be used.
  • End of February 2018 - interactive online version available on our e-learning platform, The Learning Zone.

The workbooks have been mapped to the Award for Social Care Induction in Wales – the award is a knowledge qualification that covers some of the core learning set out in the induction framework, it will be replaced in September 2019 with a new qualification that is being developed by Qualifications Wales.

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Last updated: 21 December 2017