If you’re a social work degree student or you want to be, there are lots of opportunities to study through the medium of Welsh, increase your language awareness, learn Welsh and get a Welsh Language Skills Certificate.

Welsh-medium social work degree

This prospectus lists the universities that offer social work and other course credits through the medium of Welsh.

Bangor University offers their Social Work MA course through the medium of Welsh, as well as English.

Social Work – Language Awareness MOOC

This is an open online course. It aims to help workers in social care understand and support Welsh speakers by:

  • going through a bilingual experience
  • understanding the history and context of the Welsh language
  • looking at the relationship between language and power
  • looking at ‘More than Just Words’ and the ‘Active Offer’
  • understanding how to apply this learning.

Different Words, Different Worlds

This explores the concept of language choice in social work and social care.

Welsh Language Skills Certificate

The Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol offers this certificate qualification. It shows you can communicate confidently and professionally in Welsh.

This is open to any student studying at a Welsh university.