​Domiciliary care workers to join the Register of Social Care Workers

02 January 2018
Social Care Wales

The Minister for Children and Social Care Huw Irranca-Davies has confirmed that the Register of Social Care Workers will open to domiciliary care workers in April 2018. 

All domiciliary care workers will have to register with us to legally work in Wales by April 2020.

Our Director of Regulation and Intelligence, Gerry Evans said: “We welcome the Minister’s decision to make registration for domiciliary care workers mandatory. We, alongside the Welsh Government, have been working on plans to professionalise and raise the status of the social care workforce for some time. We are pleased that we can now take these plans forward and welcome domiciliary care workers to the Register.

“We already regulate a significant number of workers, and believe this improves public safety and recognises the professional contribution workers make to providing care and support to people across Wales.” 

Domiciliary care workers are paid to support people who need help to do the everyday things most of us take for granted, including washing, dressing, eating well, getting ready for the day and supporting health professionals with health-related tasks.  

Gerry Evans said: “There are excellent domiciliary care workers providing great care across Wales, but expectations are increasing for them to meet more complex needs. We believe regulation protects workers by clearly setting out standards and training requirements.

“Extending the Register to domiciliary care workers is a step towards realising the aspirations of the Minister for Children and Social Care to achieve world class care in Wales. We look forward to working with the sector on this important development.” 

If you work in domiciliary care and want to know more about registration, we have answers to lots of frequently asked questions.