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Has your care worker registered yet? Recommended target date 13 January

06 January 2020
Sue Evans, our Chief Executive

Social Care Wales is the workforce regulator for most of the professionals who provide social care in Wales.

We are currently registering domiciliary care workers, who have to register with us before April 2020, and we have already registered more than 10,000 workers.

We are encouraging most people to register by 13 January, so that we can ensure their registration is completed well before the April deadline.

Registration helps assure the public that workers have the right values, knowledge and skills to perform their roles well.

It also helps promote the status and esteem of workers and provides access to invaluable learning and professional development.

Domiciliary care workers are providing crucial care and support to thousands of people every day and in every neighbourhood across Wales.

Their work means that people who may need support, due to a disability or a health condition, are enabled to do those things that most of us take for granted.

Things like getting up and dressed, preparing for the day, dealing with personal hygiene, eating and drinking well, and taking medications.

It also includes helping people engage with others, to avoid social isolation and improve well-being.

The complexity of people’s needs has changed over recent years and this means domiciliary care workers are often providing support to help manage complex health conditions.

As a result, the knowledge and skills required to perform those responsibilities have increased.

To meet their initial registration requirements, workers must demonstrate they are competent to work in the sector, either by completing an online Principles and Values workbook and assessment, getting their manager to confirm their competence with us or by having an appropriate qualification.

We worked with Qualifications Wales and learning providers during 2018 and 2019 to develop a new suite of Level 2 and Level 3 health and social care qualifications, which are available across Wales.

These are the new qualifications that enable domiciliary care workers to register and they have been available since September 2019.

Many workers already have other qualifications that are also suitable and you can find details about the qualifications.

There will be further qualifications at Level 4 and 5 available from September 2020.

These will enable people who are working in more specialist roles or who are looking to progress their careers in social care.

More than 10,000 domiciliary care workers have already registered, and we welcome them warmly and look forward to others joining very soon.

You can find more details about the registration process, the routes to register, suitability of qualifications and the types of roles available in the social care sector on our website.

More care workers needed

More people are needed to join the care workforce in Wales if it is to have enough workers to meet the challenges of the future.

Only around 11 per cent of the social care workforce in Wales is under 25, while 54 per cent of employees are over 50.

It’s vital that more young people take up care as a career to help futureproof the workforce, as a large proportion of current employees are nearing retirement age.

We need people of all ages to join the sector, as life experience provides useful skills that can be topped up with knowledge and qualifications that can be learned on the job.

If you think you have what it takes and are interested in a career working with adults, young people and children, visit

You can search job roles, hear employee stories and find information about local employers in your area.