Have your say about proposed changes to social work education rules and requirements

05 June 2018
Social Care Wales

We want your views about our proposed changes to the rules and requirements for social work education.

As the regulatory body for social work training, we recently reviewed the rules for the qualifying programme for the social work degree and the Consolidation Programme for Newly Qualified Social Workers.

The consultation document sets out the issues picked up by the review, along with our proposed changes, which include:

strengthening the entry requirements for qualifying programmes to ensure there’s greater consistency in the experience of new students

  • changing the requirements for practice learning in the qualifying programme
  • promoting an outcomes-focused approach to learning
  • increasing awareness of the use of research in social work training
  • updating the requirements for the Consolidation Programme so they:
    • reflect the new legal framework for social services
    • consolidate learning from the qualifying programme and develop new knowledge and skills.

Gerry Evans, our Director of Regulation and Intelligence, said: “Most social workers working in Wales also trained in Wales, so making sure the training requirements are appropriate to the needs of social work employers and the people of Wales is important.

“This review has concluded that the social work degree and the Consolidation Programme are mostly suitable but that they could be updated and improved in a number of ways. We hope those with an interest in social work will contribute to this consultation.”

The closing date for taking part in the consultation is 5pm, 31 July 2018.

Have your say about the consultation.