Keeping care close to home

12 April 2018
Social Care Wales

People want to live in their own homes with the support they need, for as long as possible. For many years, the care at home workforce has made this possible by providing support in the community. As the volume of care needed increases and individuals’ needs get more complex, the workforce must be supported to meet these new demands.

We and our partners, including the Welsh Government, plan to provide this support through workforce regulation, providing new guidance and resources, developing new qualifications, as well as launch a long-term campaign to attract and recruit people to the care sector.

As a first step, the Register of Social Care Workers will open to domiciliary care workers later this month.

Gerry Evans, our director of regulation and intelligence said: “There are excellent domiciliary care workers providing great care across Wales, but expectations are increasing for them to meet more complex needs. We believe regulation protects workers by clearly setting out standards and training requirements.”

It will be compulsory for home care workers to register by April 2020.

We, alongside the Welsh Government, are committed to ensuring high standards of care across Wales and to support the workforce to provide the best possible care.

This month, the Welsh Government also introduced new requirements to ensure care workers are treated fairly. They involve curbing the use of zero-hours contracts and ensuring people’s care and support time is not eroded by travel time between visits.

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