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New online resource to improve dementia practice for care professionals

25 October 2018
Social Care Wales

We have now launched an online dementia resource for health and social care professionals. The resource will support good practice in dementia care by giving access to essential information, case studies, data, and research. 

The resource brings together: 

  • information about the signs, symptoms, and different types of dementia
  • examples of how good practice can make a real difference to the lives of people living with dementia
  • access to the latest research
  • useful links to sign-post users to more information
  • useful information for people looking after friends and family members who are living with dementia.

A partnership with front-line workers, managers and academics from across the sector has helped shape the Dementia resource for care professionals at every stage of its development. 

Senior Care Assistant Leighton Yeoman, who tested the proto-type, said: “This is an easy to use resource that we can discuss in supervisions to refresh and develop our dementia knowledge. It’s compact, clear and direct.” 

Our Chief Executive, Sue Evans said: “We know the number of people with dementia in Wales is set to rise. The dementia resource for care professionals will help support the workforce in Wales to meet that challenge. 

“While things will inevitably change if a person has dementia, simple adjustments can help compensate for some of the symptoms, changes and challenges. 

“In the past the medical model of dementia care focused mainly on the condition and ways of managing symptoms, usually through medication. There has been a significant change in thinking and care centred on the whole person is now best practice. This is where we see the person first, not the dementia. 

“We know that people who use care and support want to continue to live in their own homes if they can. The dementia resource for care professionals can help make this a reality, by equipping care professionals with the knowledge and skills to support people to live safely in their own homes and communities.” 

The Minister for Children, Older People and Social Care, Huw Irranca-Davies, said: “The sector has come together to create this resource as an example of good practice and essential information. The resource will be valuable to all social care and health workers in Wales.”

The Dementia resource for care professionals is part of a suite of information resources to support social care in Wales. The focus for this resource is on supporting people with dementia in their homes and we’ll expand into other areas of dementia care over time. The next two resources will support direct payments and residential child care. Keep an eye on our website for more information as our work develops.

Dementia resource for care professionals