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New online resource to improve knowledge about direct payments

08 April 2019
Social Care Wales

We have launched an online resource to improve knowledge about direct payments for practitioners and people who receive them.

‘Direct payments: a guide’ supports good practice by giving access to essential information, case studies, data, and research about direct payments. This is part of a suite of information resources to support social care in Wales.

A partnership with frontline workers, managers, the voluntary sector and direct payments recipients has helped shape ‘Direct payments: a guide’ at every stage of its development.

The resource brings together:

  • information about how direct payments can give people choice and flexibility
  • examples of how practitioners can use direct payments to effectively and creatively achieve people’s well-being outcomes
  • advice for practitioners and recipients about best practice during assessments
  • information about the support available from local authorities to be a direct payments employer
  • useful links to signpost users to more information.

Sue Evans, our Chief Executive, said:

“We know the uptake of direct payments is lower in Wales than in England. Voice and control is a key principle of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 and direct payments can improve individuals’ choice, control and independence in meeting their care and support needs.

“‘Direct payments: a guide’ will help put practitioners and people who use care and support on a level playing field by giving both groups access to the same information, practice examples and awareness of the support available from local authorities to be a direct payments employer.”

Damian Bridgeman, our Board member, the vice chair of our Improvement Committee and a direct payments recipient, said:

“This resource will help level conversations between practitioners and individuals, and will support breaking down the barriers that sometimes exist when discussing direct payments.”

Visit Direct payments: a guide to see for yourself.

Help us develop this resource by giving us your feedback in our quick four-question survey.