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New online resource to support the Improving Outcomes for Children programme

09 October 2019

We’ve launched an online resource to help people find out more about the Welsh Government’s Improving Outcomes for Children programme and to access its research and reports.

The programme has three aims, which are to:

  • safely reduce the number of children in need of care
  • make sure there are sufficient placements of a high quality
  • support children to have the best possible journeys through care and into adulthood.

The resource helps answer the recommendation made by the Public Accounts Committee in November 2018 to improve the visibility of the work of the Improving Outcomes for Children programme to increase its accountability and allow for scrutiny.

The resource is free to use and is aimed at practitioners and the Welsh public.

Sue Evans, our Chief Executive, said:

“This resource builds on the work we’ve done in developing a Residential child care worker resource and engaging with that audience.

“It will help strengthen the link between the Improving Outcomes for Children programme and social care practice, and makes it easier for practitioners to access the research and reports.

“We know there’s a lot of high-quality social care research that practitioners would find valuable. But it’s often not readily accessible – you may need a subscription to view it or it may be hosted on academic websites.

“The Improving Outcomes for Children resource adds value by offering people the detail they need in clearly labelled pages, bite-sized sections, and plain language that’s accessible to all.”

Visit the Improving outcomes for children programme page to see for yourself