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New resources for domiciliary care workers to support those accessing care achieve well-being

01 July 2019
Social Care Wales

The new resource will help domiciliary care managers and trainers who will support staff to increase awareness and train staff in taking an outcomes-focused approach to practice.

The resource includes PowerPoint presentations, videos and reflection exercises, and cover:

  • delivering outcomes
  • having a good conversation
  • balancing risk, rights and responsibilities.

An outcomes-focused approach is important to make sure that people who receive care and support, their families and carers have the support they need to live the best lives possible.

It involves workers having conversations with people receiving care and support, their families and carers to find out what matters to them, and then building on their strengths and abilities to help them achieve those goals.

Managers and trainers can use the resources in a number of ways, including as part of supervision, in team meetings, recruitment or in peer support sessions.

The resources can also be used to support those who are undertaking the All Wales Induction Framework for Health and Social Care.

Download the Personal outcomes resource for domiciliary care