Research critical in supporting change in care

26 February 2018
Sue Evans, our Chief Executive

Social Care Wales aims to build confidence in the social care workforce as the workforce regulator, as a workforce development partner, and by leading and supporting improvement in social care.

We have partnered with Health and Care Research Wales, the School of Social Care Research at Swansea University and others to produce a research and development strategy for social care.

Social Care Wales wants to ensure that the best social care research from Wales and further afield is readily available for social care practitioners to use.

We will be working closely with the directors of social services, their teams and social care providers to help the sector better understand what works well and what approaches should be developed across Wales.

We also want to increase the research capacity and capability of practitioners so they can routinely use research and data to inform their practice and ensure their own practice experience contributes to new research and evidence.

Our aim is to support the sector so that evidence-based practice becomes standard practice.

People who receive care and support, their families and friends, and the general public should all have the opportunity to influence social care research. In turn, this helps shape practice and new models of care and support, based on people’s real experience.

We need to build on the public’s appetite to be involved and informed about some of the major strategic decisions that face the health and social care system in future. Persuading the public to acknowledge that current service models are not sustainable to meet future needs will be tricky.

However, our focus needs to be on supporting families and preventing ill health through early support and intervention, so that community-based health and social care support is enhanced, to keep families together and help ensure more people are well supported at home.

Research will play a critically important role in supporting change. It will provide evidence and stimulate discussions about what works best and why. It will help inform and guide leaders and social care staff in their approach to providing care and support and safeguarding those at risk of harm.

Our aim is to develop evidence-based intelligence about the different models of practice and provision.

During 2018, we are gathering people’s stories about their experience of social care, so that good practice can be rolled out across Wales. Look out for opportunities to share your experience in the coming months.