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Residential child care worker removed from the Register for failing to meet recommendations

Residential child care worker removed from the Register for failing to meet recommendations

| Social Care Wales

A residential child care worker from Wrexham has been removed from the Register of Social Care Workers after a fitness to practise review panel found he failed to meet the recommendations set by a previous review panel.

Ben Berry was originally suspended from working in a registered social care role in Wales for nine months in March 2019, after a young person in his care ran off during an excursion and Mr Berry gave conflicting accounts about what happened to the police.

Following a review hearing in November 2019, Mr Berry’s suspension was extended for three months after he failed to provide evidence he had addressed his dishonesty.

A fitness to practise review panel met last week to review Mr Berry’s progress in meeting the recommendations made by the review panel last November.

Mr Berry did not attend the one-day review hearing at our Cardiff office, but he did provide a short written submission.

On reviewing Mr Berry’s submission, the panel found its content similar to what he had said during the original hearing in March 2019 and the submission he provided during his review hearing in November.

As Mr Berry failed to submit any new evidence to show the progress he had made and how he had remedied his dishonesty, the panel found Mr Berry’s fitness to practise was still impaired.

The review panel decided to remove Mr Berry from the Register, saying: “It would only be appropriate to extend the Suspension Order if we thought that Mr Berry would attend a future review and demonstrate significant change.

“We can have no confidence of that given his absence today. It is a disappointment to us that Mr Berry has not participated meaningfully in the review process.

“We have concluded that imposition of a Removal Order is now necessary because Mr Berry has shown a persistent lack of insight, notwithstanding that he has been given more than one opportunity to show that he understands what he did wrong.

“A Removal Order is necessary to protect the public and to protect public confidence.”