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Social worker removed from the Register for failing to safeguard a child

07 November 2019
Social Care Wales

A social worker from Swansea has been removed from the Register of Social Care Workers after a hearing found her fitness to practise was impaired because of serious misconduct.

Rebecca Munts was accused of failing to safeguard a child by failing to visit the child and her family after receiving a referral from the police that the child was at risk of child sexual exploitation.

Ms Munts subsequently lied to her manager when she indicated in her supervision that she’d visited the child and falsely recorded that the visit had taken place.

Ms Munts was not present at the one-day hearing at our Cardiff office earlier this week, but previously admitted all the charges in a signed statement of facts at the end of September.

In light of Ms Munts’s admissions, the panel decided that her fitness to practise was currently impaired because of serious misconduct.

Explaining its decision, the panel said: “We recognise that Ms Munts admitted that her conduct was dishonest, but this must be considered alongside a lack of demonstrated insight into that dishonesty.

“It is compounded, in our judgement, by an absence of any indication from Ms Munts that she understands the true gravity of her conduct, particularly in relation to the creation of a false record that would have had the status of a legal document.

“While, therefore, the conduct itself is capable of remediation, we are of the view that, in Ms Munts’s case, this cannot be easily achieved.

“This is because Ms Munts displayed a very significant lack of judgement, and there is insufficient insight into the potential effect of her conduct on the child.”

The panel decided to remove Ms Munts from the Register, saying: “We recognise that we are making this order in circumstances where the misconduct relates to a single case allocated to Ms Munts, but we do not think that any lesser disposal would protect the public, given the lack of insight and remediation.”