Social worker removed from the Register for putting young people at risk of harm

06 July 2018
Social Care Wales

A former Swansea social worker has been removed from the Register of Social Care Workers after a fitness to practise hearing found his fitness to practise was impaired because of his misconduct, putting young people in his care at risk of significant harm.

The hearing was told that, in 2015, David Odongpiny Lukwiya failed to visit young people in his care, falsely claimed he had visited those young people and, on six occasions, knowingly claimed mileage expenses to which he wasn’t entitled.

At the time, David Odongpiny Lukwiya was employed as a children’s social worker by Swansea Council.

David Odongpiny Lukwiya did not give evidence at the three-day hearing at The Angel Hotel in Cardiff last week, but was present over the phone and submitted written testimony.

Having heard the evidence, the committee found that David Odongpiny Lukwiya’s fitness to practise was impaired because of his misconduct.

The committee explained its decision by telling David Odongpiny Lukwiya: “We are in no doubt that your misconduct reveals that you have, in the past, acted so as to put individuals using services at unwarranted risk of harm; so as to damage the reputation of the social care profession; so as to breach the fundamental tenets of the profession; and so as to demonstrate that your integrity cannot be relied upon.”

The committee therefore decided to remove David Odongpiny Lukwiya from the Register, telling him: “We found a number of allegations of dishonesty proved, some of which related to the protection and well-being of vulnerable young people. This, in our view, is misconduct fundamentally incompatible with registration.”