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Social worker removed from the Register for sleeping on duty

22 May 2019
Social Care Wales

A social worker is to be removed from the Register of Social Care Workers after a hearing found his fitness to practise was impaired because of his serious misconduct.

Registered social worker Marius Sacalos was working in Rhondda Cynon Taf as a casual care assistant at a care home for people with dementia at the time of the incidents in question.

During the hearing, Mr Sacalos admitted falling asleep on duty for short periods of time on a number of occasions, putting the home’s residents, who were prone to wandering and often didn’t settle at night, at risk.

Mr Sacalos also admitted leaving the fire exit doors at the home open to go outside to smoke, as well as occasionally leaving the home to go to his car to smoke.

In light of the evidence presented and Mr Sacalos’s admissions, the panel found that Mr Sacalos’s fitness to practise was currently impaired because of his serious misconduct.

Explaining its decision, the panel told Mr Sacalos: “We found the ground of serious misconduct was made out on the sole basis that you slept on duty.”

Mr Sacalos was previously suspended from working as social worker between 2010 and 2012 because of significant shortcomings in his practice, and he has not worked as a social worker since.

The panel decided to remove Mr Sacalos from the Register of Social Care Workers, saying: “We decided that in light of your current impairment and the history of your practice, it was necessary and proportionate to impose a Removal Order.

“Although your conduct at the care home was not at the most serious end of the scale, it was seriously compounded by your previous regulatory record and the absence of evidence that you have, in the period since your suspension, equipped yourself to practise safely as a social worker.

“We decided that this order is necessary to protect the public.”

Mr Sacalos will be removed from the Register of Social Care Workers on 19 June 2019 when the Removal Order takes effect.

The two-day hearing was held at our Cardiff office last week.