Training programmes continuing to improve social workers’ understanding, skills and confidence

01 November 2018
Social Care Wales

Training programmes for social workers are continuing to help improve skills, understanding and confidence.

This is the main finding of an independent evaluation of the fourth year of the Continuing Professional Education and Learning (CPEL) framework carried out by Cordis Bright on our behalf.

The CPEL framework aims to help social workers develop their skills and knowledge, and consists of four programmes aimed at different stages of social workers’ careers: newly-qualified; experienced practice; senior practice; and consultant social workers.

The evaluation found a number of positives with the programmes, with social workers continuing to report improved understanding, skills and confidence levels, and social workers reporting that these improved levels were sustained or further improved one year after completing the programmes.

However, the number of social workers who said they would undertake the next CPEL programme or recommend them to others decreased slightly. Although, on average, most social workers said they would recommend the programmes.

We are currently reviewing the CPEL framework to build on the achievements of the last four years and to address some of the challenges, and we will be consulting with our partners about our next steps early next year.

Read the executive summary of the evaluation report.