Working with the sector to register domiciliary care workers

10 May 2018
Social Care Wales

With the Register of Social Care Workers now open to domiciliary care workers, we are working closely with employers to get the workforce registered. Registration workshops have been held with home care teams at Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council and Your Life Management Services Ltd with many more booked in over the coming weeks.

Many individuals are also taking the initiative to apply, meaning that people who receive care and support in their homes are a step closer to having that reassurance that workers are regulated and suitably skilled and trained.

Our Director of Intelligence and Regulation Gerry Evans said: “There are excellent domiciliary care workers providing great care across Wales, but expectations are increasing for them to meet more complex needs. We believe regulation protects workers by clearly setting out standards and training requirements. We are pleased to be working with the sector on this important development.”

Registration is part of our on-going commitment to professionalise the social care workforce and raise the status of workers. It will give people receiving care, and their families, the confidence workers have the skills and qualifications to do their job in a professional, compassionate manner.

To register, workers must show they follow the standards of the Code of Professional Practice of Social Care (the Code), prove they are suitably qualified and show they are suitable to work (fit to practise). To keep their registration they must keep working to the standards of the Code and continue to develop their skills and knowledge. All home care workers will have to register to legally work in Wales by April 2020.

With around 23,000 home care workers needing to register, we understand some home care workers and employers may have questions or concerns. To find answers to queries around qualifications, fees and timescales, visit our FAQ pages for a range of materials including case studies and how-to videos. There is also role specific practice guidance to guide and support workers in their day-to-day work and to supplement the standards in the Code.

Employers are expected to support and encourage their workers to register as soon as possible. Our registration team are on hand to give support or advice. Get in touch if you would like us to visit your workplace to help staff to apply – don’t delay as the workshops are proving to be popular.

We, alongside the Welsh Government, are committed to ensuring high standards of care across Wales and to support the workforce to deliver the best possible care.

The Minister for Children and Social Services, Huw Irranca-Davies, said:

“Everyone has a role to play to ensure we develop and nurture our workforce, and I urge all domiciliary care workers, supported by their employers, to work with Social Care Wales and sign up to the register as soon as you can.”