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Young, or not so young, and looking for a rewarding career?

09 September 2019
Sue Evans, our Chief Executive

More people are needed to join the care workforce in Wales if it is to have enough workers to meet the challenges of the future.

Only around 11 per cent of the social care workforce in Wales is under 25, while 54 per cent of employees are over 50.

It’s vital that more young people take up care as a career to help future-proof the workforce, as a large proportion of current employees are nearing retirement age.

We need people of all ages to join the sector, as life experience provides useful skills that can be topped up with knowledge and qualifications that can be learned on the job.

There are job opportunities in every part of Wales and to highlight the variety of care jobs that are available locally, the national recruitment campaign, WeCare Wales, is launching a week of activity from today.

WeCare Wales Week will shine a light on each region of Wales, focusing on what working in social care, early years and childcare is really like.

As part of this week-long activity, young people will share their experiences of working in different roles in social care, early years and childcare.

The Welsh Government’s roll-out of 30 hours’ free childcare for working parents and support for unemployed parents who want to train and gain skills means early years and childcare providers will need more workers to meet a growth in demand.

We know from our own research that many young people do not see working in care as a career option. However, the WeCare Wales campaign aims to challenge their perceptions of working in care.

While working in care can be demanding, for the right young people, it can provide valuable experience and opportunity in a job with a real purpose, a local job that can make a difference and help them make their mark.

It can also provide them with the flexibility to gain skills and qualifications while working.

We hope this campaign, showcasing young people who have chosen a rewarding career in social care, early years and childcare, will inspire others to find out more and discover the benefits.

If you think you have what it takes and are interested in a career working with adults, young people and children, visit

You can search job roles, hear from those already working in different roles in care and find information about local employers in your area.