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Current qualification accepted

Recommended for practice:

  1. Level 3 Certificate / Diploma in Independent Advocacy (Independent Advocacy Management Pathway) QAN: 600/7153/9 600/7233/7’

Registration is not required

Other requirements

Service regulations require that “the service provider must ensure that at all times a sufficient number of suitably qualified, trained, skilled, competent and experienced staff are deployed to work at the service”. 

The suitable qualifications are included on this framework.

Other qualifications accepted

  1. Level 3 Certificate in Independent Advocacy (Independent Advocacy Management)

Other UK qualifications accepted


The qualification is the same for England and Wales.

Northern Ireland:

The qualification is the same for Northern Ireland and Wales.

Scotland :

There are no identified qualifications for Scotland.

Induction requirements

It is the responsibility of employers and the service provider to make sure that everyone working at the service receives an induction that’s appropriate to their role – this includes managers. This induction is expected to be robust and accessible to prepare them for new and changing roles and responsibilities.

It is also expected that all new managers will receive The Social Care Manager – practice guidance for social care managers registered with Social Care Wales as part of their induction, along with the Code of Practice for Social Care Employers.