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Apply to register

Information and advice about applications to register with us, including guidance for those who wish to return to the Register and social workers who qualified outside of the UK.

Who needs to register

All social workers and social care managers must register once they have completed their qualification or upon starting in post.

Residential child care workers and domiciliary care workers must register within six months of starting in post.

For more information you can find the required or recommended qualifications for different job roles within social care and regulated childcare in Wales.

Applying for the first time

If you’re applying for the first time you’ll need to create a SCWonline account to manage your registration with us and:

We will ask you for:

  • a personal email address
  • your national insurance number
  • employment details (including address, job title and start date or future start date if it’s a new job)
  • your employment history for the past five years
  • your bank details to setup a Direct Debit to pay your fees 
  • your verified qualification certificate
  • the date of your most recent criminal records check (DBS) 
  • confirmation that you intend to practise in Wales
  • verified copies of your ID documents, unless you have had DBS check within the last three years or are on the DBS update service (not required for students). 

Disciplinary record and criminal offences

You must tell us if you:

  • have a disciplinary record
  • are currently the subject of an investigation
  • have a criminal record.

Endorsing your application

On your application you will be asked to select a person - from a list of approved persons for your organisation - to endorse your application. 

Applications to register must be endorsed to confirm your good character and that there aren’t any reasons why you shouldn’t be on the Register.

Your endorser will be able to view all information on your application apart from your health and equality and diversity answers.

Your endorser must be a professional individual who isn’t a relative and doesn’t have a personal relationship with you.

If you’re qualifying in social work in Wales, select a signatory from the degree course provider or current social care employer. If you get employment by the time we receive confirmation of your qualification, we’ll contact your new employer. This happens before we complete your registration.

For more information on verifying and endorsing please read the guidance document below. 

Your health

You must tell us if you have any physical or mental health conditions that may affect your ability to work in social care.

Your documents

Send us copies of the original documents verified by your endorser. 

You can send us your documents by selecting ‘My Profile’ > ‘Upload a document’ in your SCWonline account.

Social work degree students

If you've been offered a place on a social work degree course in Wales you will receive an email from us with a link. You must use this link to create a SCWonline account so you can apply to register.

You must be registered with us before starting your social work degree in Wales.

If you’re thinking of studying a social work degree at a Welsh university, there is a social work bursary scheme available.

Final year students studying at a Welsh university

A Welsh university will tell us when your course ends, we will then invite you to apply to register as a social worker. 

To apply you will need to log in to your SCWonline account and complete a new application.

As you were previously registered as a student, you won’t need to send us your documents. You can apply to register two months before you qualify. 

You will not be registered until we have received the official exam board results for your course.

Final year students studying outside Wales but in the UK

Once you have evidence of your qualification you can create an SCWonline account and apply as ‘qualified with a UK Degree / Master’s in Social Work from a University outside Wales’.

You will need to provide verified copies of your identity documents and a verified copy of your qualification certificate through your SCWonline account.

Returning to the Register

If you already have a SCWonline account, please do not create a new account. Contact us and we will send you a link to create new login details.

If you’re returning to the Register you will need to provide evidence of Post Registration Training and Learning for the period since you last registered and pay any fees that may still be outstanding.

Please read the document below before submitting an application to return to the Register.

Social workers returning to practice

If you’re a qualified social worker returning to practice you will need to demonstrate current knowledge and understanding of social work practice to apply for registration.

If you’re returning to practice you will need to provide evidence of Post Registration Training and Learning for the period since you last registered.

If you’ve been removed from the Register by a removal order

Individuals removed from the Register by a removal order by a fitness to practise panel can apply to go back on the Register five years after the date they were removed.

To apply for registration again, fill in an application form on SCWonline. The form and any other information you provide may be considered by a panel who will decide if registration should be granted. Please contact for more information.

Other UK regulatory bodies

If you decide to work outside of Wales, you will need to contact the regulatory body for that country. 

In the UK these are:

Contact us

If you have a question you can Contact us.

Last updated: 02 September 2019