Qualifications you need to register

To register with us you must have the right qualification for your job. Find out what qualification you need to register and what you must do to register if you don't yet have the qualification that's required.

Social workers

Find what qualifications you need to register as a social worker

Social work qualification verification service

We offer a qualification verification service that verifies any approved qualification in social work awarded in Wales (this includes qualifications before the Social Work Degree).

You can request a unique letter that shows:

  • the qualification obtained
  • qualification date
  • training establishment attended
  • the name of person who received the award.

Please note that

  • this service can take up to 20 working days
  • we can only issue letters of verification to the award holder
  • we require written consent to send it to an employer or employment agency
  • the letter of verification isn’t proof of identity
  • the letter isn’t proof that a person is a registered qualified social worker 
  • employers have a responsibility to check these details.

If you want a letter of verification for a qualification awarded in Wales complete the form below and send to registration@socialcare.wales

Domiciliary care workers

There are three ways to register before registration becomes mandatory for domiciliary care workers from April 2020.

Register with a qualification 

For workers who have a qualification Level 2 or 3 in health and social care (Diploma, QCF or NVQ) or equivalent.

What you need to do:

Register with experience if you don't have a required qualification

For workers who have worked for three of the past five years in a domiciliary care worker role but have no recognised qualification. Managers will assesses workers against the required competencies and provide a signed declaration to confirm your competence as a lawful, safe and effective practitioner. 

What you need to do:

Register if you don't have a qualification or the required experience 

For workers who do not hold the above qualifications, and have not worked in a domiciliary care role for three of the past five years. 

What you need to do:

  • Complete the online Social Care Wales Principles and Values Award course and assessment (adults or children and young people). 
  • When you have successfully completed the assessment, use your certificate as evidence to support your application to register
  • Once registered, you will need to complete a required qualification by the time you have to renew your registration in three years’ time.

The online course is now available, and you will receive an invitation from your manager to complete it. 

The new course and assessment are based on the first two sections of the all-Wales induction framework for health and social care.

Residential child care workers

Qualifications you need to register as a residential child care worker.

If you are applying as a residential child care worker and do not yet have the required qualification, you can initially register on the basis of completion of the All Wales Induction Framework (AWIF). 

You must complete the required qualification for your post before you renew three years after your initial registration.

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Last updated: 05 July 2019