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Early years and childcare conference - 15 November

The early years and childcare conference marks the start of our festival of lifelong learning. Here's what's happening during the conference, which will be held online through Zoom.

The programme

9am: Problem solving session

9.30am: Welcome and housekeeping
Sarah McCarty, Social Care Wales

9.45am: What can we learn from Adult Social Care to improve recruitment and retention in the sector?
Neil Eastwood, Care Friends

10.20am: How WeCare Wales can support you
Ceri Gethin, Social Care Wales

10.35am: Networking

10.55am: Break

11.10am: It’s not too early to think outside comfort – is it?! Reflections from DARPL: synergies of discomfort and cynefin completeness?
Chantelle Haughton, DARPL

How do we embed antiracist approaches in our work with young children. What are we doing about ensuring ‘complete cynefin’ from the earliest days? Are we ready? How do we feel about it?

11.40am: The importance of Welsh in the workplace
Liz Parker, Social Care Wales

12.00: This is why play is so important
Martin King-Sheard, Play Wales

12.30: Closing remarks
Sarah McCarty, Social Care Wales

First published: 5 September 2023
Last updated: 7 September 2023
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