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The framework intends to provide support to response planning and decision-making, to ensure ample consideration is given to ethical values and principles when organising and delivering social care for adults.

We’re all aware the Covid-19 pandemic has significant implications for the health and social care workforce who are faced with making difficult decisions on a daily basis.

The UK Government has set out an ethical framework for the planning and delivery of adult social care within the context of Covid-19. Its aim is to support the work of professionals and others who are developing policies and responding to the outbreak, in line with their codes of conduct and regulations. Welsh Government is supporting the use of this framework for adult social care in Wales.

The underpinning principles of the framework can guide planning and support judgements, ensuring ethical considerations are taken into account at this time.

The framework has 8 principles:

  • Respect - recognising that every person and their human rights, personal choices, safety and dignity matters
  • Reasonableness - ensuring that professional decisions are rational, practical and grounded in appropriate processes, available evidence and a clear justification
  • Minimising harm - striving to reduce the amount of physical, psychological, social and economic harm that Covid-19 might cause to individuals and communities
  • Inclusiveness – ensuring that people are given a fair opportunity to understand situations and be included in decisions that affect them. Decisions and actions should aim to minimise inequalities
  • Accountability – holding people and ourselves to account for how and which decisions are made. Being transparent about why and who is responsible for making and communicating decisions
  • Flexibility – being able and willing to adapt to new circumstances and facilitate agile and collaborative working
  • Proportionality – providing support that’s proportional to the needs and abilities of individuals, communities and staff
  • Community – a commitment to get through the outbreak together by supporting and strengthening one another and our communities to the best of our ability.

This framework sits in the wider context of the Coronavirus Action Plan which has been issued by UK Government. The action plan sets out how the UK has prepared for the outbreak and outlines the national and local/regional responsibilities for pandemic response.

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