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Covid-19: Information, guidance and resources to support you through the pandemic

Covid-19 homepage

Here are links to information and guidance on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for social care settings.

The most up to date information on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can be found on the UK Government website.

This guidance is issued jointly with Public Health Wales and is constantly updated – it is important to check it regularly.

The above guidance includes:

  • guidance on Covid-19 PPE
  • the level of PPE recommended for social care settings (table 2 on the page)
  • additional considerations for PPE where there is sustained transmission of Covid-19 (table 4 on the page)
  • a visual guide to safe PPE (poster)
  • posters for hand washing and using hand rub.

Guidance on how to work safely in care homes provides information on the use of PPE for care workers in care homes and residential supported living.

There is also information and guidance on how put on and take of PPE for non-aerosol generating procedures (clinical procedures such as intubation, normally carried out in hospital settings).

It includes:

  • poster to show how to put on PPE
  • poster to show how to take off PPE
  • quick guide for both putting on and taking off PPE
  • YouTube video showing how to put on and take off PPE.

For an update on the PPE situation in Wales, see the frequently asked questions on the Welsh Government website.

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