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Covid-19: Information, guidance and resources to support you through the pandemic

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Registration during Covid-19

Answers to questions you may have about how we are registering workers during the coronavirus outbreak and how this might affect you.

Can people still register with us as normal?

Yes, they can.

Our online registration system, SCWonline,is available for applications but we may not be able to process them as quickly as usual. If applications are incomplete, we will e-mail or call applicants to let them know what additional information we need.

If you are returning to practise to provide support during these times, please contact us at, so that we can assist you.

What if I’ve just started working as a care worker and need to register?

Usually, social care workers have six months from their start-date before they need to register with us. We realise registration won’t be a priority for workers and services who are responding to current challenges, so we will give more time for people to register, up to a year from their start-date.

Social care workers, who do not have one of the qualifications listed for their role on the Qualifications Framework, can apply to register if they complete the All-Wales Induction Framework for Health and Social Care (AWIF). Or if they successfully complete the Social Care Wales Principles and Values Award within 12 months of starting work. They would then have to complete the qualifications needed for that role within their first three-year period of registration.

What about managers and their registration?

Social care managers can register with a suitable level 5 qualification.

We have also introduced a new route to fast-track registration for managers who do not currently hold a suitable qualification. This means you can register if you have a relevant level 3 or 4 qualification and have started your level 5.

New arrangements have also been agreed for social workers, nurses and occupational therapists who will now be able to register as a social care manager in domiciliary care, residential family centres or care home settings. Further information is available on our registration pages.

What if I’m a retired social care worker and want to return to practise to help deal with the current crisis?

If you’ve recently retired as a social care worker and hold the requirements for your role, then we’ll fast-track your registration.

What if I’m a former social worker who wants to return to practise to help in the current crisis?

We have set up a temporary register for social workers who were previously registered with us and who wish to return to the front-line. Find out about temporary registration.

Is the Register open for voluntary registration by adult care home workers and residential family centre support workers?

Yes, the Register is open, but we realise it may not be a priority in the months ahead. Registration is planned to be voluntary until October 2022.

We have also recently opened the Register to new manager groups.

What if I can’t complete the Principles and Values award and then can’t apply to register?

We will be understanding to individuals who can’t complete these requirements and give more time to those who might need it.

What if I can’t complete my PRTL requirements?

We’ll keep everyone on the register who wants to stay in their role and give them time to make up their PRTL requirement in their next period of registration.

What if I have questions about registration?

E-mail and we will aim to respond as soon as possible.

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