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Covid-19: Information, guidance and resources to support you through the pandemic

Covid-19 homepage

Here you will find links to useful websites with resources for professionals supporting people with learning disabilities, they include ideas for connecting people and ways to help maintain social distancing.

Learning Disability Wales

Learning Disability Wales are publishing and updating resources for Covid-19 on a dedicated part of their website. The site includes a wide range of guides and advice, including:

  • easy read guides and posters for different aspects of Covid-19
  • videos for handwashing.

For more information visit Learning Disability Wales - Coronavirus: resources for people with a learning disability.


The KeepSafe website has been developed to provide easy read information and guidance about coronavirus. The site includes resources to explain Covid-19 related topics, including:

  • social distancing
  • how to stay safe
  • shielding
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • avoiding scams
  • being on your own.

The site also has a page of suggested activities for staying at home, including:

  • cue cards for video meetings
  • how to set up video chat on a phone or tablet
  • how to use Zoom
  • shopping online
  • tips for good mental health.

For more information visit Keep safe from Coronavirus.

Learning Disability England

Learning Disability England also have resources and a page on activities and connecting people which is particularly helpful, with ideas on live music through Gig Buddies and Stay Up Late, dance lessons and technology to keep in touch with each other.

For more information visit Learning Disability England - Keeping Informed and In Touch during Coronavirus.

Glasgow, Lancaster and Warwick Universities

The University of Glasgow, with Lancaster University and the University of Warwick, have published a series of excellent guided self-help booklets to support people with mild to moderate learning disabilities during the Covid-19 outbreak.

The booklets can be used with the support of family members, friends, volunteers and carers and are also suitable for social workers and people working in social care. Both online and printed versions are available. Current topics include:

  • coping with feeling down
  • getting a good night’s sleep
  • being active and staying well – ‘You can do it!’
  • solving problems – ‘Sort it out’
  • coping with anxiety.

For more information visit Scottish Commission for Learning Disability - Covid-19 guided self help booklet series.

The Learning Disability Professionals Senate

The Learning Disability Professionals Senate has published two helpful guides for people with learning disabilities and their families:

  1. Resources to support families/carers of people with learning disabilities through the Coronavirus restrictions
  2. Resources to use with people with learning disabilities through the Coronavirus restrictions.

The Palliative Hub

The Palliative Hub, an organisation in Ireland, has been running webinars to help health and social care professionals in the Covid-19 crisis. The webinar from 9 April, Managing isolation during COVID-19 crisis: practical approaches, has lots of helpful ideas for supporting people.

Public Health Wales and Welsh Government

Public Health Wales and Welsh Government have published an easy read guide to pharmacy services during the crisis.

Visitor guidance

Welsh Government, in partnership with the social care sector, has developed Visits to care homes: guidance for providers. The guidance gives suggestions about what to consider when supporting people to reconnect safely with families, friends and professionals, whilst restrictions are in place.