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Employer assessment for social care worker registration

Employers should use this guide to decide if a social care worker is fit to practise and has the appropriate understanding to apply for registration with us.

The competencies listed are based on a social care worker’s understanding of the principles of social care in Wales, which they need to carry out their role.

Employers should read the list and approve the worker’s application if they’re satisfied the worker has the appropriate understanding.


Social care workers are legally required to show evidence of their understanding as part of their application to register. This guide will help social care workers and their employers provide the appropriate evidence.

Social Care Wales and Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) may sample the evidence you used to support your decision, so you should make this available to us if we ask you for it. You can use this evidence log to record your evidence.

Examples of evidence could include (but isn’t limited to):

  • probationary review and induction activities
  • training records or course attendance
  • certificates gained through assessed training, such as moving and handling, first aid and food hygiene
  • observation, discussions, supervision and/or appraisal notes
  • team meetings
  • completion of the Principles and Values Award or the All Wales Induction Framework
  • feedback from colleagues and people who use care and support.

How to confirm employer assessment

Complete the relevant sections and provide evidence of how the social care worker has shown their appropriate understanding.

As part of their application, the social care worker will be asked to identify their manager from a list on SCWonline. The manager will be contacted by email to confirm the application.

Here's a video for employers, to help understand how to manage employer assessment applications in their SCWonline account.

You can download the employer assessment and the evidence log below. You don’t need to send us your evidence log as we don’t ask for it as part of an application. We may carry out sample checks and ask for copies of the evidence you used to make your decision.

Read our frequently asked questions about the new employer assessment route.

First published: 18 May 2022
Last updated: 25 September 2022
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