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About us

Making a positive difference to social care in Wales

Our focus is on well-being, with a vision of wanting every person who needs support to live the life that matters to them.

We aim to achieve this by building confidence in the workforce and leading and supporting improvement in social care.

To do this, we work with people who use care and support and a broad range of organisations.

Our work means we:

  • set standards for the care and support workforce, making them accountable for their work
  • develop the workforce so they have the knowledge and skills to protect, empower and support those who need help
  • work with others to improve services for areas agreed as a national priority
  • share good practice with the workforce so they can provide the best response
  • set priorities for research to get evidence of what works well
  • provide information for the public and other organisations.
  • What we do

    Find out what we do and how we work, how to get information from us and how to complain about a service we provide.

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  • Our outcomes

    Our vision is to make a positive difference to care and support in Wales for children, adults and their families and carers.

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  • Our Board

    Find out about the work of our Board and when the next Board meeting is taking place.

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  • Our management team

    Find out more about our management team and what they do.

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  • Workforce strategy

    Our aim is to provide Wales with a high-quality and skilled workforce, which is large enough to meet the demands placed on it.

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  • Contact us

    Whether you have specific questions, are seeking more information or need guidance, we’re here to help.

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Our Board members

Our management team

  • Sue Evans
    Sue Evans
    Chief Executive
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  • Andrew Lycett
    Andrew Lycett
    Director of Finance, Strategy and Corporate Services
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  • Sarah McCarty
    Sarah McCarty
    Director of Improvement and Development
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  • David Pritchard
    David Pritchard
    Director of Regulation
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A carer and an an elderly lady laugh together

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